TIBCO BusinessWorks at a Glance

TIBCO BusinessWorks is a integration tool based on technology standards – it includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Web services platform used to connect applications and data with little or no programming. It provides an Integrated Services Environment (ISE) for creating Web services and orchestrating process flows to improve the consistency and adaptability of both IT and business operations.


  • It speeds up the application development and deployment cycle by exposing discrete business functions as reusable services that can be easily invoked without requiring an understanding of their technical implementation.
  • It reduces costs, improves productivity by enabling one to configure application interfaces, build complex data transformations, and process orchestration without coding. At max, it requires minimal coding.
  • It reduces the cost of application development – a lot of  functions and data are available which can be used as reusable services that can be orchestrated to form complex business processes and assembled to form composite services and applications.
  • It simplifies the complexity of enterprise-wide SOA initiatives with its completely application–and platform-neutral approach to integration.
  • It improves the performance,  scalability and consistency of infrastructure with a standards-based, comprehensive and proven platform capable of integrating virtually any IT resource.



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