Parse Palette

Parse Palette in Businessworks helps one dealing with parsing and rendering of formatted text. The data is formatted either using delimiters separating each field or offsets to determine where each fields begins and ends. Parse Palette is helpful in scenarios where one needs to transform formatted lines into data schema or vice-versa. This is also helpful when one wants to parse Comma-Separated Data received from a File Server.

Parse Palette consists of following activites/shared configuration:

Data Format: Data Format is a Shared Resource Configuration for parsing and rendering text strings using Parse or Render Data. Data Format also helps one defined the schema for parsing and rendering of data. Each line of data is treated as a separate record and the data is parsed taking into consideration the data schema defined. When rendering text, each record is read using data schema defined and written to text as each line of record, depending on delimiter or fixed format defined. Yes, Data format supports two ways – Fixed Format or Delimiter separated. Below is a snapshot of Data Format Shared Resource Configuration Page:


Parse Data: Parse Data helps one parsing records received as String and transforming the same into Schema as defined in Data Format configuration. This is used in above mentioned case of Comma-Separated values. If one wishes to save this data to database, the Schema may be defined as per Table where data needs to be inserted and one may place JDBC Update activity to insert records into Database table.


Render Data: Render Data helps one rendering records. Considering an example say one wants to read the records from a database table but the requirement is to parse these database records as a file with Comma-Separated values. In such cases, one may use JDBC Query to read records from the database and Render Data to render these records using Schema defined in Data Format Configuration.