Service Palette

BusinessWorks provides an alternate way of working with Web Services using Service Palette. Services implement interfaces and expose one or more endpoints. Services provide a way of implementing more generic service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Service Palette consists of following:

  • Service: Service specifies a set of endpoint bindings that expose the service to clients over specific transports (HTTP or JMS).  Before creating a Service, one needs to define WSDL file, process definition, HTTP or JMS Connection, Context Resource (if context information needs to be passed).
  • Partner Link Configuration:  Partner Link Configuration is an association between abstract and concrete port bindings.
  • Invoke Partner: Invoke Partner helps one invoke external services over SOAP.
  • Receive Partner Notification: Receive Partner Notification helps one invoke Notification Service over SOAP.
  • Context Resource:Context Resource provides a way of sharing transport information with operation implementations without process implementations being aware of the transport being used. It can also be used to store SOAP Headers or message attachments.
  • Get Context: Get Context provides a handle to retrieve Context Resource data.
  • Set Context: Set Context provides a handle to set Context Resource data. This is useful in cases if one wants to set some headers to outgoing reply message.

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