FTP Palette

BusinessWorks provides an excellent way of dealing with FTP Commands using FTP Palette.

FTP Palette consists of following activities:

  • FTP Connection: FTP Connections are used for talking to FTP servers. BW provides FTP Connection as a shared configuration which describes a connection to a remote FTP Server.
  • FTP Get: FTP Get is used for get or mget command to be sent to remote FTP Server.
  • FTP Put: FTP Put is used for put or mput command to be sent to remote FTP Server.
  • FTP Delete File: FTP Put is used for delete or mdelete command to be sent to FTP Server to remove one or more files from remote FTP server.
  • FTP Dir: FTP Dir helps one receive a listing of files in the specified directory on remote FTP server.
  • FTP Change Default Directory: FTP Change Default Directory helps one change the default directory on remote server to the one specified in the activity Input field ‘NewDefaultDir‘.
  • FTP Get Default Directory: FTP Get Default Directory helps one retrieve the name of default remote directory from the FTP server.
  • FTP Make Remote Directory: FTP Make Remote Directory helps one create the specified directory on the remote FTP server.
  • FTP Remove Remote Directory: FTP Remove Remote Directory helps one delete the specified directory from the remote FTP server.
  • FTP Rename File: FTP Rename File helps one rename the specified file on the remote FTP server.
  • FTP Sys Type: FTP Sys Type helps one retrieve the operating system type on remote FTP Server.
  • FTP Quote: FTP Quote helps one send an arbitrary command to an FTP Server. One can find the list of arbitrary command supported by FTP server, using ‘Available Commands‘ button on FTP Connection configuration. One should determine which commands are available using this button on FTP Connection as FTP commands are dependent on Operation System and FTP version and configuration.

All of the above FTP Activities make use of FTP Connection shared configuration.

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