File Palette

When working with files using BusinessWorks, one needs to fully utilize the File Palette – it is used to read, write, delete, or create files. File palette also contains a File Poller which is a process starter and allows one to poll for files and start a process based on the existence of a file.

File Palette consists of following activities:

Create File: Create File helps in creating a file or directory with specified name. One can also provide the contents of the file, which would be written to file post creation when creating a file.


Copy File: Copy File helps one to copy a single file or whole directory recursively to a new specified location.


Write File: Write File helps one to write contents to a already existing file on File System.


Read File: Read File helps one to read the contents of the specified file. The contents are placed in Activities output.


File Poller: File Poller is a process starter which starts a process. It starts polling for files or directories with a given name.


List Files: List Files helps with listing of all files in a specified directory or information about files/directories.


Rename File: Rename File helps one to rename or move files to a new location.  One can also utilize this activity for renaming a directory but this cannot be used for moving directory to a new location.

Remove File: Remove File helps one remove the specified file/directory. Only exception lies is the directory needs to be an empty directory. In case of non-empty directories, it throws a FileIOException.

Wait for File Change:  This comes into play in case of file creation, deletion or modification event occuring during process execution.  When a process flow lands on this activity, it moves the process to waiting stage until one of the above File Change events occur. Once a file change event occurs, the process resumes execution.



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